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Nguyễn Thị Kim Anh


Children from Dak Lak with Hand Defects Receive Operations

With the help of Tiny Hearts of Hope, three children, Thao, Hung, and Adrong and their families travelled

from the countryside of Dak Lak to Saigon in early November 2011 for their first visit to FV Hospital. They all have birth defects of syndactylism (webbed fingers) and polydactyly (extra fingers) which can be fixed with the benefit of hand surgery.

Hand specialists from around the world, led by Dr. Stephane Guero, will be able to provide the surgeries necessary to free fingers or provide functionality to hands.  These hand specialists are convening the end of November for a special hand surgery symposium in Saigon and will donate their time and skills for these children.

Your support is still needed though for other children like Thao, Hung, and Adrong. Please help by donating today:

All proceeds support the Children of Vietnam Charity's mission of providing highly specialized surgeries and treatment to underprivileged children with birth defects or congenital diseases.