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Nguyễn Thị Kim Anh


COV Charitable Fund provide free surgeries for disadvantaged children


On 13th March 2012, FV Hospital gave a press conference on its charity surgeries for disadvantaged children at the hospital’s Conference Hall.

On 13th March 2012, FV Hospital gave a press conference on its charity surgeries for disadvantaged children at the hospital’s Conference Hall. These charity surgeries were sponsored by the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund, which was jointly founded by FV Hospital. The project provides free medical examinations and surgeries for six underprivileged children from Vung Tau, Dong Nai and Dong Thap. Aged between two and  four years old,  all are affected by congenital defects, such as megacolon, inguinal hernia, and imperforated anus. All treatment costs, including medical examination, surgery, and hospitalisation, plus the travel and accommodation expenses of the young patients’ parents and their family member, are covered by the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund.

Ms. Le Phi Phung, the Fund’s Manager, said: “Two in six children come from Vung Tau and had already been operated on by Dr. De Miscault in 2011. Their treatment process must now be completed by undergoing a second surgery performed at FV Hospital. The remaining four children come from Dong Nai and Dong Thap and are all new cases. They are all from underprivileged families and were introduced to the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund by the provincial Children’s Protection Association so that they could receive free treatment.”

This is the second time the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund has worked with French paediatric surgeon Dr. Godefroy De Miscault PhD. When talking about his collaboration with the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund, Dr. Godefroy De Miscault said: “I have been working annually in Vietnam since 2003 and I really love this country and the people here. Therefore, I want to make a small contribution to help unlucky children affected with congenital anomalies and give them the opportunity to live a normal life like any other youngster. I hope that more doctors, both French and Vietnamese, will offer their time and skills to enable the Fund realise its worthwhile charity mission.”

All of these six charity surgeries will be performed at FV Hospital within Dr. DeMiscault’s 12-day working schedule from 12th to 24th March 2012. Here are the stories of some of the children that have received support from the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund to date:    

1. Nguyen Thien Phuc, four years old, living in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai
Nguyen Thien Phuc always suffered from constipation and very hard stool, which were the results of the congenital defect megacolon. Therefore, he looked very underdeveloped and pale.  Ms. Pham Thi Tuyet Minh, his mother, said: “We have brought him to many hospitals to be treated but his condition did not get any better. His digestion was not good and he had to use clyster pipes many times to help him to go to the toilet.

“In April 2011, I read a newspaper story that said Dr. Godefroy De Miscault would come to Vietnam and provide consultations and treatments for children affected with congenial defects, including my son’s condition, megacolon. So my husband and I rushed to FV Hospital to make a medical appointment with Dr. Godefroy. Firstly Phuc was given an examination and some tests. Then my son underwent a surgery to create a temporary anus on his abdomen wall to pass faecal matter this way. This surgery helped to improve the consistency of his stool and his digestion was also better. Now that Dr. De Miscault is visiting Vietnam once again, the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund is supporting my son to receive a free surgery from him.”
Dr. Miscault will operate on Phuc to close his temporary anus, remove the dilated section of intestine, and re-connect his digestive tract with his anus. This will help him to defacate normally and to enjoy an active life other children without suffering from the daily inconvenience caused by the temporary anus on his abdomen wall. The estimated surgery cost is over VND 80 million and it will be covered in full by the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund.

2. Three-year-old twins, Nguyen Hong Phat Loc and Nguyen Hong Tan Loc
When Phat Loc was one year old, he started to pass hard stools and his condition became worse over time. At one medical consultation, doctors concluded that he had megacolon and had to use administer bulking agents everyday to improve his ability to defecate. He then also underwent a surgery at a hospital but his condition did not improve.
In April 2011, his family heard that Dr. De Miscault would work with the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund to perform surgeries on children with congenital abnormalities and brought him to meet with the French doctor. After medical consultation, Dr. De Miscault decided to repair his megacolon surgically. Phat Loc recovered very well after the successful operation and can now go to the toilet normally.

When they heard Dr. De Miscault would visit Vietnam again, his family brought his twin brother, Nguyen Hong Tan Loc, to FV Hospital. Tan Loc is suffering from the same condition as his brother, i.e. hard stool. Therefore, the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund agreed to support him to receive free consultations and surgery from Dr. De Miscault.

Their mother Ms. Tran Thi Lien said: “After undergoing the surgery supported by the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund, he recovered well. Our family is very happy. We are deeply grateful to the doctors at FV Hospital, especially Dr. De Miscault, the sponsors and the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund, for supporting my son’s treatment costs. I hope that anyone that reads our story will make a contribution to the Fund. Your contributions will help others who have the conditions like my sons to benefit from treatment and enjoy a normal life.”  

3. Ho Khanh Duy, an eight-year-old boy from Dong Thap
Duy began to suffer the effects of his congenital inguinal hernia when he was still small. However, his family did not have enough money to pay for his treatment. Inguinal hernia may cause severe complications, such as intestine strangulation and necrosis, as well as digestion disorders which slow the child’s development. Other complications may be testicular torsion, atrophia testis and the strangulation of the spermatic cord causing deaths of tissues at testicle. Therefore, after examining Duy, Dr. De Miscault decided that he needed an immediate surgery to help him avoid any further serious complications.

Ho Khanh Duy

4. Tran Bao Thy, a three-year-old girl
Thy suffered from megacolon and anal defects. In April 2011, she underwent a surgery to create a temporary anus on her abdomen wall to enable her to pass stool. Thy’s health was much improved after the surgery. Her digestion was much better and she began to gain weight. During her second surgery, Dr. De Miscault will reconstruct her anus. Three months after surgery, when the reconstructed anus operates normally, Thy will have another surgery to close her temporary anus and reconnect her rectum to her anus. Once this procedure is completed, little Thy will be able to go to the toilet like any other child.

Tran Bao Thy

5. Le Minh Tien, 12-year-old boy living in Dong Thap,
Tien suffers from cryptorchidism. Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga, his mother, said:  “Our family discovered that he only had one testicle when he was born. However, we do not have the financial means to bring him to hospital for treatment. Nothing abnormal happened until he was ten and he developed a high fever and his genitalia began to swell.  
“We were very happy to hear of this charitable programme with Dr. De Miscault at FV Hospital. We immediately brought him here for a medical appointment with the doctor. Dr. De Miscault, after examining Tien, concluded that his absent testicle was located in the abdomen and could not drop down to his scrotum. The doctor would need to perform surgery to bring the testicle down from the abdomen to its correct position.”

Le Minh Tien

In addition to these supported cases, the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund is continuing to look for children with congenital defects who need support to undergo treatment. To connect with the Fund and register for support for medical examination and surgeries, please contact Fund Manager Ms. Le Phi Phung at (08) 54 11 33 33, Ext. 1067 or via e-mail at For more information on the Fund, please visit

Additional information on the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund

This Fund, which was jointly founded by FV Hospital and Thanh Nien newspaper, officially began operations in 2006. Its mission is to change the futures of children under sixteen years old who have been born with congenital deformities or developed serious problems as the result of disease or after suffering an accident.

After six years of operation, the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund has donated more than VND 2.3 billion to treat 131 children with congenital abnormalities and accident sequelae, many of which  were hand or leg abnormalities, and thoracic and abdomen problems.