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Nguyễn Thị Kim Anh


My dream will come true

After waking up in the hospital after a traffic accident, 14-yearold Pham Ho Nhu Phuong burst into tears when she was told that she would never be able to walk normally again. At that time, Phuong’s dreams of a bright future disappeared.  But thanks to bone grafting surgery from dedicated FVH doctors, she now has the opportunity to recover and live a normal life.

Phuong lives in Lagi, Ham Tan in Binh Thuan Province, and the last thing she remembers from that fateful afternoon was cycling home from school and being hit from behind by a motorbike and thrown into the gutter. When she awoke, she found herself in the hospital with pain everywhere in her body and her father taking care of her. Her father, who already looked slender, was becoming more and more haggard. The doctor informed her that she had ruptured her bladder, broken her kneecap and fractured her left femur. To obtain the money for her treatment, her father had to work very hard day and night and sell everything that could be sold from their modest house.


In March 2011, Phuong was taken to a hospital in HCMC so that doctors could operate to mend the hole in her bladder and set her broken bones. After the surgery, her condition was fairly good and she was allowed to go home. However, five months after the surgery, Phuong still could not stand up or walk by herself.  Whenever she moved, her hip suffered severe pain and her right leg was extremely restricted . At her follow-up, doctors looked at her scan results and told Phuong that she had a serious infection in her thigh bone. The doctors decided to cut about 10 cm from the bone. Mr. Pham Cong Tuy - Phuong’s father – seemed to be unable to believe his ears when he heard the doctor’s words. If the doctors cut her femur, one of Phuong’s legs would be shorter than the other, but it seemed there was no other choice.


Phuong said, “My dream was to learn English very well so that I could become an air hostess. But I knew that after the surgery to cut my leg bone, my dream would never come true.”

Phuong then had a post-surgery examination at the hospital. Here, doctors informed her that the osteitis, the infection in her leg, still remained and the leg bone movement was  limited. To repair this, Phuong need a bone graft. However, every possession in their tiny home had been sold to pay for her two-year treatment and her family could not afford her bone graft. It was a great source of sorrow for her father. His only daughter, in whom he placed all his hopes, had a seriously damaged leg and could not enjoy a normal life.


Then the family received the miracle they had prayed for. After seeing Phuong’s story in the press, Children Of Vietnam Charitable Fund, jointly founded by FVH and Thanh Nien Newspaper, decided to sponsor all of Phuong’s bone transplant fees. On 12th April 2012, Phuong was examined by Dr. Le Trong Phat, Head of Orthopaedics, FVH.

At that time, Dr. Le Trong Phat said: “Phuong’s femur is so seriously infected, it cannot recover. Her bone from thigh to knee is affected by osteoporosis and misalignment. The most difficult job we have is performing a surgery to remove the infected part and replacing it with a new bone. After that we will align and relocate the femur. These two procedures will ensure her condition is much better.”

On 12th June, Dr. Phat performed Phuong’s bone grafting surgery. The two parts of her thigh bone were aligned and connected together by a Titan rim and the piece removed was replaced by an artificial bone. In addition, a frame was put on her leg from her thigh to just over her knee in order to increase the stability of the grafted bone.”

The surgery result was fairly good. During her two-week stay at the hospital, Phuong completed physical therapy exercises to improve her balance as well as increase the stamina of her legs. When discharged, she could walk by herself with the aid of a trolley.

In her follow-up visit on 17th September 2012, Dr. Phat informed her that the grafted bone was healing very well. “Phuong’s condition needs monitoring for a period and she should continue physical therapy exercises in order to enhance bone development. If she follows the prescribed regimen, she will walk again.”

With a happy and hopeful smile, Phuong said, “Several months ago, I could not do anything to help my father and my grandparents due to the infection and discharge from my injury. Now, after the surgery, I feel much better. I can do some work and walk by myself. I will continue my physical exercises to help my bone grow faster. If I can make my legs strong again, I may have a chance to make my dream of being an air hostess come true!”