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Nguyễn Thị Kim Anh

Who We Help

Who do we help?

Le Thi Tham

Le Thi Tham

DOB: 04/02/1998

Address: Vinh Khanh Hamlet, An Thanh Commune, Mo Cay District, Ben Tre Province.

Family circumstances and history of illness:

Tham’s parents are poor farmers and have three children. Tham suffered an accident when she was six years old when she and her brother were studying books at night. Her brother lit an oil lamp and a fire suddenly broke out. In his panic, he knocked the lamp and it fell on Tham, setting her alight. The family put out the fire and rushed her to the district hospital for emergency treatment. After six weeks of treatment, Tham was discharged from the hospital but her burn scars prevented her from raising her arms, distorted her mouth and prevented her from turning her head. The overlapping burn scars from her face and neck to her chest were extremely visable. Tham’s parents pooled all the money they had and borrowed from many people to pay for her treatment. After three surgeries, the family ran out of money but her burns weren’t much better and her self-esteem was very low.

On 19/11/2012, Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund facilitated Tham’s consultation with French plastic surgery specialist Dr. Elisabeth Hodin. Dr. Hodin decided to perform an autologous skin graft to restore mobility to Tham’s face and neck. Tham underwent surgery on 22/11/2012 and the operation was very successful.