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Nguyễn Thị Kim Anh

Who We Help

Who do we help?

Adrong YPach

Adrong YPach

DOB: 10/09/2009
Address: Buon KroaB, Cour dang, cu Mgar, Dac Lac Province.

Family circumstances and history of illness:

YPach’s parents work in the fields in the mountains. His family is among the most impoverished in the province. YPach was born with a congenital deformity in his hands and feet. His toes were deformed and his fingers were curled and fused together so he could not hold or grasp anything. His mother, H’anh Adrong, said: “My husband and I just hope my son can undergo surgery to allow him to use his hands normally, and our biggest desire is that he can hold a pen to write down his lessons at school.”

Vietnam Charitable Fund facilitated his consultation with French expert hand surgeon Dr. Stephane Guero in November 2011. After his checkup and diagnosis, Dr. Guero said he could operate on YPach’s feet so that his mobility would not be affected later, but YPach’s hand abnormality was extremely complicated. Dr. Guero decided to expedite a surgery to separate YPach’s left forefingers in order to help him to hold and grasp objects. After the operation, YPach was able to use his own hand to hold things, such as a spoon, glass and toys.

During Dr. Guero’s working trip to Vietnam in 2012, Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund facilitated YPach’s follow-up consultation with Dr. Guero and a second operation to separate YPach’s fourth and fifth fingers on his left hand to help him grasp objects. His operation was carried out on 22/11/2012, but the doctor recommends that YPach should undergo one more operation to restructure his stiff finger joints to improve his hand function, help his hand become stronger in order to hold larger objects, and adjust the axis of the fifth finger.