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Nguyễn Thị Kim Anh

Who We Help

Who do we help?

Nguyen Van Phap

Nguyen Van Phap

DOB: 02/06/2000

Address: Hamlet 4, Tam Vinh Commune, Tam Ky Town, Quang Nam Province

Family circumstances and history of illness:

Phap’s family is among the most impoverished in the commune. Phap was born with the congenital deformity, polydactylia – redundant fingers in his hands – but due to his family’s financial difficulties, his parents could not afford the operation to correct his condition. As he grew older, two of his redundant fingers became elongated and caused him difficulties when trying to hold or grasp something. He was teased by other youngsters and became less and less confident when socialising.

Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund facilitated Phap’s consultation with French expert hand surgeon Dr. Stephane Guero on 19/11/2012 at FV Hospital’s Department of Hand Surgery. Dr. Guero decided to remove two of Phap’s redundant fingers and the surgery was carried out successfully on 22/11/2012.