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Nguyễn Thị Kim Anh

Who We Help

Who do we help?

Patient waiting list

In June 2008, the Fund conducted a local consultation for more than three hundred poor and unlucky kids suffering from deformities in Ben Tre Province, with the support of the Department of Labour, Invalidity and Social Affairs of the province, of the Nguyen Dinh Chieu General Hospital of Ben Tre and of the Fund's volunteer doctors from FV Hospital such as Dr. Le Tan Son, Dr. Tran Thanh Tri and Dr. Phan Thi Ngoc Linh.
After the consultation, the doctors initially selected one hundred and seventeen operable cases with problems such as bowed limbs, scoliosis, facial tumor, polydactylia, ectrodactylia, syndactyly, anotia and aural atresia, phimosis, inguinal hernia, hypospadias, cryptorchidism and scars due to severe burns, hip joint osteoarthritis, osteogenesis imperfecta, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, limb ankylosis, limb retraction among other conditions.

Children born with congenital deformities (that must be severe but at the same time curable) giving rise to problems of the five following types:

  • Urological
  • Abdominal
  • Thoracic
  • Orthopedics
  • Maxillo-Facial

And also those with acquired problems due to accidents (such as burns) or diseases (such as poliomyelitis)

The last step is to select the prior surgeries according to this following condition:

  1. Severity of condition
  2. Degree of improvement possible
  3. Possibility of recovery
  4. Degree to which anatomy can be improved
Phan Thi Yen Vy

DOB: 27/04/2008

Address: Binh Du Hamlet, An Thanh Hai Commune, Cu Lao Dung, Soc Trang Province

Family situation: Vy’s family is one of the most impoverished in her home province. Possessing no piece of land, her parents have had to work for other farmers and are paid little for a day’s work. They cannot do anything to stop their only daughter suffering due to her clubfoot because they cannot afford her treatment.

Medical history: Vy is a very smart girl but never had the chance to go to school because her parent could not afford to pay for her studies. Her clubfoot, which affects her lower leg from knee to foot, makes it very difficult for her to walk and she often falls over.

Current status: After borrowing money from their relatives, Vy’s mother brought her to HCMC Orthopaedic Trauma Hospital for treatment. During her one-year treatment, she was fitted for casts and underwent regular physical therapy. However, her parents could not afford the joint replacement surgery required to fix her clubfoot.

Although her situation seemed hopeless, Vy’s family were introduced to the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund and Vy received a full diagnosis on 20th August 2012. The estimated cost for her surgery is USD 8,000.

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Tran Vuong Ba Thuat

DOB: 16/05/2002

Address: 377/1 Phan Van Tri Street, Binh Thanh District

Family situation: Ba Thuat was his parents’ pride and joy. His father is a construction contractor, while his mother stays at home to take care of him. Unluckily, his happy childhood days became a vague memory when Thuat’s father passed away after developing cancer. In order to pay for his father’s cancer treatments, all of the family’s possessions accumulated over many years had to be sold. The entire burden of raising three children now fell on his mother’s shoulders. She had to work as a housemaid for up to 14 hours every day to support her family.

Medical history: Since Thuat’s mother has neither the time nor money to take care of him, he has suffered from constipation for a long time, the causes of which have not been discovered. Left untreated for long time, Thuat has been unable to defecate and as a result often vomits and harasses. His distressed mother brought her child to many places in search of treatment. Luckily, a kind friend introduced her to the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund.

Current status: On 14th March 2012, the Fund assisted Thuat by paying for diagnostic tests and medical treatment, as well as special meals with the nutrition he needed at FVH. He will have a follow-up visit, and then further treatment from a paediatric surgeon if required. The final estimated cost for Thuat’s two surgeries is USD 6,000.

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Nguyen Thanh Tra

DOB: 21/04/2012

Address: Giồng Lãnh 1, Tăng Hòa,  Gò Công, Tiền Giang province.

Family situation: Tra’s father and mother are both contractors but their combined earnings do not meet the needs of the family. The family is one of the more impoverished in the commune.

History of present illness: At birth, the parents have found a nodule at the size of a finger phalanx length at Tra’s heel. Since then, the nodule has grown bigger and bigger.

At present: The family has taken the child for an ultrasound examination, and the diagnosis is lymphangioma at the right heel. The tumour is located at the heel tendon but the surgical operation to remove it has not been performed because of the family‘s financial difficulties. If left this way any longer, this tumor could grow bigger and could affect the development of the child.

How to donate?

These children belong to poor families who can barely earn living; they never expect to be able to afford proper medical treatment.